What is Carvakbiz?


Everything you need for a reliable and fast second-hand vehicle purchasing experience is at CarvakBiz.


CarvakBiz, a sub-brand of Kavak.com, one of the world's largest second-hand car buying and selling platforms, offers special solutions to corporate members regarding second-hand car purchasing. It meets your needs with its reliable, fast, flexible and advantageous business model.


CarvakBiz offers its wide vehicle portfolio to users, and any user can reserve and purchase the vehicle they are interested in. In addition, corporate members can participate in the vehicle tender and the user who submits the highest bid within the valid period purchases the vehicle. Is one of the privileged members of CarvakBiz; You can easily buy the exact car you need with the safe tender procedure.

Our Solutions

  • Simplify the vehicle purchasing experience with the CarvakBiz app and website
  • Lists a Large Number of Agents
  • Gives You the Chance to Buy a Vehicle from Auction
  • Allows you to easily pay for your reservation
  • Sign Up / Log In
  • Participate in the Auction or Make Reservation
  • Buy